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About Us


We will connect 100 million people of India online with every business needs of their needs.


Through our website, we will eliminate the gap between the customer and the merchant.


All customers and merchants connected to our website will be kept in our company's supervision.


All our customers and businessmen will also be assisted through phone and email through our company, And businessmen will also be assisted by going to their office

Shiner Lore & Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a website created by the Livereview.in website, its main objective is to create online contacts between a customer and a business.

If you are hungry, you can find a nice restaurant on our own without any help from our website and then after serving the Restaurant, you can share your experience on our website so that in the future you will be able to share his information with our website. And you can find people near you by looking at your experience.

The advantage of your experience

If you enjoy his service then your experience will come from other people, and if you find that there is a shortage in his service then the owner of the restaurant will correct his deficiency and make it worth the service according to you.